SuperHealth2006 Simple Steps, 6 Easy Weeks, 1 Longer, Healthier Life

By Steven Pratt, M.D.

From the creator of SuperFoods Rx, a proven method to turn on the good genes, turn off the bad genes, and live to see your kids turn 100.

The New York Times bestselling author of SuperFoods Rx, and the man Oprah calls “The Food Dude” brings ten scientifically proven ways to:

  • Get fit without going to the gym
  • Lose weight by adding in SuperFoods
  • Fight six major diseases
  • Keep the mind sharp and the skin aglow
  • Have more vitality than ever

SuperFoods Rx started a revolution by listing the foods and nutrients necessary to live a healthier and slimmer life. But for the first time, in SuperHealth, Dr. Pratt lays out a ten-step, six-week guide to living the longest, fittest, and healthiest life possible—the first plan he’s created for turning off the bad genes and turning on the good ones. Each week, readers will find instructions for adding in specific amounts of food, nutrients, relaxation, and exercise to their daily routines. Also new to SuperHealth: a new SuperNutrient; an exercise plan that requires zero gym time; weekly shopping lists; recipes for a forty-five- day meal plan; and a plan to detox your body and your home to prevent disease and aging.

SuperHealth will help you “live to see your kids turn one hundred.”

Reviews for SuperHealth:

“If you’ve been searching for fresh and innovative ways to slim down and shape up, feel better and prevent disease, SuperHealth will rock your world. It is a research-based, no-nonsense guide that offers simple ways to significantly enhance your life. Steve Pratt provides the key: unlock the door to a new you!”
Daniel A. Nadeau, M.D., author of The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health

“Dr. Pratt’s SuperHealth is a practical and easy guide to keep you young, healthy, and in shape. Dr. Pratt has done a super job in compiling all the latest health research and making it palatable to mainstream Americans.”
Ann Louise Gittleman, New York Times bestselling author of The Fat Flush and Before the Change