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What is ATP ATP Reset Moisturizer by Sente

ATP Reset Moisturizer

Why You Need the SENTE ATP Reset Moisturizer

This is a multifunctional anti aging skin care product which delivers instant and longterm
hydration, promotes detoxification, restores barrier function and provides defense
against oxidative stress. A daily anti-aging moisturizer that improves the
appearance of skin tone, hydration, texture and clarity. It also potentiates the benefits
of HSA by decreasing intracellular stress. The ATP Moisturizer is ideal for all skin types

What makes this Anti-Aging Moisturizer Superior and Unique?

  • Proven to boost the skin’s defense against intracellular stress
  • In ex-vivo testing, the use of SENTE ATP and Second Skin Technologies shows a decrease in the activation of skin’s defense mechanisms Nrf-2 and metallothionein.
  • Potentiates the efficacy of HSA by decreasing intracellular stress


Buy with confidence with Dr. Steven Pratt as with all Sente Skincare products they are offered exclusively through approved physician offices.